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Morizon Wallet
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Morizon Reliability & Security

The objective of the Morizon X framework is to meticulously identify and effectively mitigate risks that may potentially impact the reliability of a digital asset.With Morizon X Reliability, we aim to validate and ensure a company's secure management of digital assets. Leveraging our expertise in evaluating and streamlining the trading process, Morizon X specializes in facilitating the seamless token trading experience for assets that adhere to open standard implementations, such as ERC-20. We take a comprehensive approach that involves a thorough assessment of all risk factors, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

IP Monitoring & MFA

By implementing IP Monitoring, Morizon X takes a leap into the future, offering users real-time notifications in case of any suspicious account access from an unfamiliar location or a different computer or browser. Morizon X employs One-Time Passwords (OTPs), those convenient four- to eight-digit codes typically received via email, SMS, or other mobile software. Each authentication request triggers the generation of a new code, derived from a unique seed value assigned to the user upon registration. This advanced security measure ensures utmost protection for our valued users.

Your transactions are highly secure, ensuring  utmost protection

You can easily verify self-serve account locks by utilizing our convenient online withdrawal notification system.

Configurable account termination adds an additional layer of security, enhancing the overall protection for your account.

To keep your account safe, Morizon X uses Google 2FA (Google Authenticator or Yubikey) and/or Authy with a six-digit secret key.

Data is securely encrypted both at rest and during transit, guaranteeing that only authorized individuals with proper credentials can gain access to it.

When connecting to Morizon X using HTTPS, your information is safeguarded with SSL encryption, guaranteeing the confidentiality of your personal details.

We provide round-the-clock emergency support with our dedicated team available 24/7 via email. We also have a ticketing system to efficiently handle all inquiries.